Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sampling Methods

I recently wrote a statistics unit in an Algebra 2 class. Looking at the state standards I noticed that they include sampling methods in statistics, which is something I don't ever remember being taught when I was in high school. The statistics chapter was added since many of our high school students will not go on to take an AP or non-AP Statistics class, but the knowledge is important. The sampling methods was a subject I had to do some research on in order to include in the unit, but I thought it had some amazing results.

It occurred to me that students talk about measures of central tendency, variance, standard deviation, etc, but until college, I was never taught how the information I used for these calculations showed up on my plate. I was glad to see that sampling methods made their way into our content standards.

The following are some really helpful websites that I found that can teach students the difference between the sampling methods and why these differences are so important.

The first is a statistics glossary page that has links to different kinds of sampling methods such as random sampling, cluster sampling, etc.

The following is a slightly weird site. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has a great website outlining all the different types of statistics methods.

The Star Trak website offers an AP Stats tutorial on sampling methods.

The stat.yale website has a great one page site that goes through all the sampling methods. It is concise and very informative.

Any other helpful websites that you found?

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